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A Machine's dream out of human memories.


released July 1, 2009

“Synesthesia is a crossing of the senses.”

Milan/Rome based Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi are sound artists whose work spans from digital music to electro acoustic improvisation.
U.S.O. Project was born from the desire to discover new paths and non-linear narrative strategies in both aural and visual domains.The project includes several collaborations with visual artists and performers.
Milani and Placidi are the co-founders of the label "Synesthesia Recordings", a repository of electroacoustic works.
U.S.O. is a continuing evolving organism.


What I like minimalistic improvisational electronics for is its intimacy, one can even say “homeness”. It seems that it is right here, very close, is creeping and fluttering hoping to leave its deep and significant trace in life of those to whom it had to penetrate. You listen and see musicians, designers hunched up at their laptops, with their virtual or rather tangible controllers ruling the sound surrounding space. They change the picture, on some transparent body of airy mass they scrap their abstract messages. Like an Italian duet Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi making project U.S.O. Project, the title of which stands for Unidentified Sound Object. That’s really problematic to identify the sources of the sounds, manipulated by Milani and Placidi in their latest work Nachtmusik aus 01. I suppose there’s double bass accompanying live project in 2006 (this record can be found on www.youtube.com/usoproject ). Be it so or not, here’s of no doubt the material originally born on this planet without using computers and synthesizers. Though under creative manipulations’ influence it turns into a voluminous, rustling, squeaking, droning audio structure, unique sound object. One can creep abreast with it, run along flat surfaces rounding obstacles one by one. Happen to be in one big room with them. The hell with room - inside a huge hangar! Hangar filled with cases, boxes, technique, radios, light devices producing dull light… Carefully move through the dark, narrow paths looking back and taking a breath to avoid a sudden attack of claustrophobia… - pi micron



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Synesthesia Recordings Italy

“Synesthesia is a crossing of the senses.”

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